Saturday, July 14, 2007

5 fingers and Morgan

The other part of the story is the five fingers Morgan puts inside me as he licks my clit, the way his teeth tug and his mouth kisses and the deep furrow his brow makes as he focuses on making me come and come.

The other part of the story is how he wasn't on the list, wasn't the one I was thinking about, but now I'm heading straight into what's going to be a classic choice between two lifestyles: a gender-bending poly slut and a really interesting but probably very possessive Dom.

But right now that's all far away, because it's me and Morgan on my bed, and it's Morgan's face down between my legs, and Morgan's teeth nibbling on his lips and his hand pushing so hard, filling me up in a way that makes me just want to burst, and then it's the two of us cuddling and talking and the happiness that fills my heart and the small smile at the corner of his mouth that makes me wonder if I should let myself love him.

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Mina said...

Those are wonderful moments.