Sunday, October 09, 2005

For a male submissive

I know what it feels like to be tied down
so I imagine you
naked and blindfolded
tied down against the bed

First, there are the cuffs, black and red for your
wrists and ankles,
the o-rings, silver, snapped in place
against the bed's restraints.

There you are, naked and exposed,
your skin dim white in the light,
your cock rose pink as it strains into the air.

Imagine me and how I use you for my pleasure.

Imagine the feel of my tongue on your skin,
the flicker of teeth against the flesh,
the pressure of my taking you whole into my mouth,
you who cannot explode.

Imagine that I tease you to bursting,
tease you to the edge of fireworks and sun
tease you until your cock is so big, so red,
so swollen and tight
I have to ride it
until I come.

Imagine what you will feel
my grip so hard
so soft and wet
you have to beg

When I give you permission
when I say yes
when I come closer and take you
over an edge

your orgasm will erupt and make you shudder
make you shiver with the thrill of release
make you know you belong to me

and that I will drain you
again and again
the pleasure making you scream.

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