Monday, October 03, 2005

Dominate me

Things that turn me on:

  • Z's hands in my mouth, forcing it wide
  • His hand on my neck, squeezing ever so slightly as we kiss
  • His leg hooking me close as I suck his cock
  • His teeth on my nipples, hungry and sucking
"You belong to me," he says. "I own you" and I say yes, and do everything he asks.
"You're my own little slut" he says to me, "My big-titted fuck toy" and I say yes.

I say yes to everything
Yes to saying yes
Yes to Z
Yes to a passion I did not know I had
--for domination and for pain and for this deep, intense trust.

That this all makes me so happy amazes me--
It's completely off the map of my life
And yet I am having the most wonderful time.

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