Sunday, June 19, 2005


Home from another trip.
Z comes over.
I am tired, cranky.
We hand out and talk.
Eventually, we start to kiss.
"Take off your blouse" he says, and devours my breasts, pulling them out of the black and burgundy demi bra he bought me and which I have on tonight so he can suck the nipples into high pink points. He nuzzles the soft flesh, gently biting the skin, bruising and marking me like a piece of ripe fruit.
"Turn around and let me see your ass in those panties," he commands.
As I obey, I wonder what else he would like to do.
"What would you like?" he says, to my surprise.
I smile.
I was just thinking the same question about you.
"Well, I know what I'd like, "he says, "And I can tell you--but how about you."
"I'd like you to spank me," I say, and we both smile.
I turn and he hits me, hard with his hand, going from side to side until I know my ass is pink and warm.
"Oh, that looks so hot," he says, and he pulls me closer, working a finger into my asshole, digging and pushing in a way I find intoxicating, especially when he combines it with fingers iny my cunt and/or hitting me some more.
He works on me and soon I come, clamping down on the fingers in my ass and touching my clit as he spanks me.
Soon, we go into the bedroom where I take off his clothes, he lies down and says" Suck my cock."
I remove my bra, shaking my big breasts free, and take him in my mouth. As I suck his cock, I tongue and lick his ball and dig my fingers into the base of the shaft, creating some contrast.
Listening to his moans, I feel in control.
He thrusts himself into my mouth, hooking his legs around my neck and pushing up with his hips till my entire world is cock.
I suck him, deep, until he comes in my throat.
"Suck me more, " he said, so I continue for a bit until he says its enough.
When we are done, we lie together naked on the bed and hold one another and talk.

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