Thursday, June 16, 2005

C, returned (sort of)

So C was the Dom I had drinks with a few weeks ago, who seemed really fun under his rugged exterior, and who whispered about how he liked to sexually tease, withhold orgasm, and have his sub take off her shirt on the freeway. He struck me as hot, I enjoyed kissing him when he walked me to my car, but then once we agreed we wanted to see one another again, it went all weird.
He called me, I called him, but then he didn't call me back and I wondered if his game was to withhold himself. Finally, before I went on a trip, I sent an email saying I'd enjoyed seeing him and he should be in touch when I got back if he wanted to meet up.
The day after I returned I got an email from him--only there was no message--the man sent a blank email.
Now, the night with C has provided much hot masturbatory fantasy in lonely hotel rooms, BUT common sense suggests a man who only gives me his cell phone, sdoesn't offer his last name, seems to have issues around communicating, and appears to be pretty withholding is someone I should skip.
At worst, this man is some twisty guy; at best, poor communication skills except when 1:1.
Verdict: Let this one go.

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Jezebelle said...

A "blank email"? Weird. I agree...let him go, he doesn't seem to have his "act together" and you don't want a DOM like that ;)