Sunday, June 05, 2005

Life with my hand

Since this blog is about my sexual life, I am going to write about masturbation. After all, I have had lots of practice in the past few weeks. On this trip I am on right now, it's me and my hand, no electrical devices.
I masturbate 2X a day usually, at night before I go to sleep, and in the am when I get up.

  • Touch my clit, wet saliva, rubbing, two fingers inside myself, pinching nipples and pulling them.

  • Sucking R's cock, sucking X-husband's cock, sucking cocks of various men I have met or imagined
  • Servicing two men who have me suck one's cock as the other fucks my ass--and who then come in my face
  • Being with C, the Dom I met who didn't call--and being in display and used under his direction (he's good for some hot fantasies).
  • Touching a woman under a man's direction
  • Being beaten while tied up, and then sucking a cock and being fucked

4 months ago I was of a more vanilla persuasion, dreaming of men I met on Craig's List coming over for hot sex

8 months ago I was still more vanilla, dreaming of someone kissing my neck and putting his fingers inside me

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