Saturday, June 11, 2005

Z, rising

Saw Z tonight, While I have been talking with some very interesting Doms, I think he's the one right now. He's so sweet, which may sound funny about a man who enjoys tying me up and spanking me, but he is. And he has this talent for using his hands in ways that make me shiver.
Some moments:
Z and I are on the couch, kissing. Under my white shirt, I am wearing a purple fishnet long sleeved top, and a sheer navy bra, plus jeans, sheer navy panties, heels. My big breasts look round under the clingy fishnet, wrapped like a present. R peels the shirt off and eyeballs my breasts. He attacks them, reaching his hands under the shirt to pinch and squeeze my nipples. He takes my breasts in his mouth and suckles them, making the nipples grow long and hard. I pull away, whip off the bra, and show him what the fishnet looks like over my breasts. It looks hot.
My nipples poke through like gumdrops, pink and erect.
He pulls me toward him and begins to hit me, slapping my cunt. The way he does it feels so good.
"Turn around and let me see your ass, " he orders.
I turn around and bend over the coach. He pulls my jeans down and looks at the sheet panties, then starts to spank me. Left, right, left, right--it hurts, but I bite my hand and say nothing.
I hope he will hit me harder.
Z tells me to take my jeans off and pulls me toward him.
He puts his fingers into my wet cunt, hot and juicy after all our foreplay, and shoves his hand inside me.
He's pushing hard against me. It feels so good, I don't want him to stop. I lean over the coach and moan. I know he can feel how hard my pussy is grabbing his hand. I come hard, his hand inside me and bow my head.
"Thank you."
After such pleasure I want to please him. We go in the bedroom and I give him a massage.
First the feet, then the hands, the legs, the back, the arms, the stomach and back. Finally, the backside.
This of course leads to touching his cock. In my hand, it stiffens and grows, becoming thick and hard.
"May I?"
I take off all my clothes and bend over him, taking his cock in my hand and rubbing my fingers up and down the shaft as I lick and tongue his balls. He moans.
I take his cock into my mouth, holding my fingers down against the bottom of the shaft as I take all of him into my wet and hungry mouth.
I suck and lick; he feels so responsive I know my pussy is getting wet again from the pleasure of sucking him.
Z moves against me and goes deep into the back of my throat. I gag a little but then relax, and have him inside my mouth.
"Come up and fuck me, " he says, so I move onto him, my legs straddling him so I half squat on the bed, his cock inside me, my head thrown back.
I've never used this position, tho I saw it in a porno film once, and it feels great--it fits our bodies together well.
Z reaches up and grabs both my breasts. He pulls and squeezes on the nipples, and just as he knew I would, my pussy clamps down tight around his cock.
"You are so wet," he says, and then he is moaning, coming and coming, and I am moaning because I come too, pushed over the edge by the intensity of his orgasm (and loving it).
We smile at one another, a little surprised, I think, that we have managed vaginal sex so successfully (he takes medication that causes some problems), but glowing with how good it was.

Tomorrow night I am going to go to his place and stay over for the first time.
All the paddles and floggers are there, the riding crop, the spreader bar, the rope, the butt plug, the nipple clamps, the clothes pins, the two-pronged dildo, the glass dildo and many of the vibrators.
So are the hooks where he can tie and restrain me, tie me up or down and do as he pleases.
So is my black leather collar with the big iron rings, and the leash he has never used but which he bought for me.
I have no idea what we will do tomorrow, but I am looking forward to it already.
I am spending the night.
There will be lots of time do whatever he likes.
Time to show how my pussy and ass, my breasts, mouth, hands and feet all belong to him, to be under his control and used for his pleasure.
Youhave no idea how much I am looking forward to this--and how long I have waited for it.

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