Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Playing with Morgan

My new boyfriend Morgan could be described as a switch, a big, bi-sexual, poly bear, a Daddy type guy with a wicked sense of play. He's almost twice my weight and way bigger than my height, and he knows how to throw me around in a way that feels so good--and how to pin me down and spank me and slap me and pull my hair as I suck his cock so that it feels thrillingly delicious.

One of the cool things about Morgan is that he also likes anal play. It's just seconds from my g-spot to my butt with a (big, thick) thumb, and he's had me panting and slobbering a few times now. But even better, I got to experiment with giving him a prostate massage as we made love, and was instructed on how to put my finger up his butt as he gave himself a hand job (I hope these details are interesting, and not grossing anyone out.) I'm imagining that I am going to learn more about how to lick him *down there* and I've added a dildo and a butt plug to my toy bag that I am hoping he'll let me try-and like.

Morgan is so good at pressing his weight against me in a way that makes me feel totally dominated and used. He's a master at pulling my legs over my head, shoving his thick meaty cock into my wet cunt and then banging himself against me, over and over, till the feel of the big head of his cock wedged deep inside my cunt makes me want to burst. His ability to thrust into me, then come all the way out, then shove himself in, and do it again, over and over, makes each of us pant and moan with pleasure.

The last time we made love, he threw me on my back, pressed my legs up over my shoulders, and shoved his cock so far inside me I thought I might break. After he fucked me for a while, he grabbed my legs and threw me further down on the bed and shoved a pillow under my hips, turning my bottom almost straight up.

"Next time, I'm going to use your pretty little asshole," he hissed, and the combination of those words, his hand on my throat, his big cock and his weight pressing down on me put me right over the edge.

"Oh, oh, oh!" I like to make noise as I'm feeling it, and if I'd had half my brain left, I've felt sorry for the neighbors on the other side of the wall and across the way as he penetrated me (yes, I was that loud).

Given that I was lost in a sex-crazed frenzy, it was more about how he fucked me till I came a half a dozen times and how then he dragged me up on top of his big, broad body and I rode him till he came, biting and licking and teasing his nipples like I was the baby Domme suckling her prey.

And then when it was all over, and we'd both come, both been spent, there was that feeling of lying there together, connected so intensely by the force of what we'd shared, the intimacy of taking one another to a place where there were no words and no need to use them.


Curvaceous Dee said...

Morgan sounds delicious! Glad you're having such a great time with him.

Oh, and I loved this image: ...teasing his nipples like I was the baby Domme suckling her prey.

xx Dee

Mina said...

Congrats on the new boyfriend. He sounds wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I've always loved the "big Guys"...seeming to, literally "throw" themselves into fucking...give me a big Guy ANY day of the week!!


{milla} said...

Sounds really lovely, and what a name, jeez... you'd have partners with the best names. Andrew was divine and now Morgan. Nice one!


Anonymous said...

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