Monday, August 27, 2007

I just crossed a line...and I am GLAD about it

I can't believe I just did what I just did. And that I feel so good about it.
Here's the deal: This weekend, at a workshop, I felt myself drawn to one of the participants. I avoided meeting him, because I pegged him as a really, really smart, smart-ass, libertarian, (maybe pagan) BDSM Dom(yes, I have a couple of types and that is one of them...).

By the last day of the workshop, when we had not met, I decided to let myself meet him. We spent some time together in the sessions, and I found him interesting. I had a good time seeing if I could signal to him, without saying a word, that I both got who he was (or who I imagined he might be, to be more accurate) and that I was a submissive(this was not a BDSM community space) and on the way to being a switch.

Whatever happened, he gave me his card before I left and viewing the card and then reading more about him online confimed this is someone I would like to know. So I emailed him. And then emailed him again. Emailed him in a way where it was pretty clear what my private self was about.

Given that I am having such a wonderful time with Morgan, this seems questionable. And yet, Morgan is both a pervert and a switch and we are both poly. And I would like to get to know this man and see what's there before self-limiting.

This is braver public behavior than I have had in the past--and a good thing. (I am goin g to wait to see if there is any interest/response before telling Morgan about this, but I think he would be very interested, which thrills me.)

And of course the idea of someone who I might like who is into BDSM and rope and power exchange completely engages my attention.

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Curvaceous Dee said...

Oh, well done! I look forward to hearing how this develops :)

xx Dee